Why You Should Have a Virtual Naira Card for Online Transactions

How To Create A Virtual Naira Card on Vella

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3 min readJul 19, 2023

In September 2022, many commercial banks in Nigeria such as FirstBank, Guaranty Trust Bank, Zenith Bank etc. suspended the use of naira cards for international transactions, which left thousands of Nigerians disappointed as many relied on this mode of payment for subscription renewals on music & movies streaming sites, online shopping and making payment for services.

The recent announcement made by Wema bank regarding lifting the suspension on naira cards for international transactions has left many Nigerians across the country hopeful as other commercial banks in Nigeria are expected to follow suit. For many Nigerians, the naira card is a convenient means of making payment on local and international platforms.

Although the naira card is a convenient means of making payment, a major disadvantage is the absence of security during online transactions as you are expected to enter sensitive details of your naira debit card (cvv, card number & expiry date) on local and international platforms to complete payment for a service.

Why Virtual Naira Cards Are A Better Alternative

A virtual Naira card is the same as a physical card except that it is stored digitally. Virtual naira cards offer a plethora of advantages over physical naira cards. First, a virtual naira card eliminates the need to carry large sums of money around as it is stored digitally. Secondly, a virtual naira card offers more security as you can use it for online transactions without risking the sensitive details of your physical naira card. Other benefits include the ability to set spending limits and track expenses.

How To Create A Virtual Naira Card on Vella

The Vella virtual Naira card is the perfect alternative designed to make online payment fast, simple and secure. It is issued with a 16-digit card number, Card holder’s name, Cvv and expiry date.

Once you create an account on Vella, you can request a virtual naira or dollar card to make instant payment on local and international platforms that accept Verve and Mastercard. These include Flywire, Netflix, Apple Music, AliExpress, Microsoft etc.

Creating a virtual Naira card on Vella is simple, instant and affordable as the card creation fee costs 150 Naira. Vella also enables users to create multiple cards for different purposes and fund with a minimum of 1000 Naira.

You can create a virtual naira card on Vella by following these simple steps;

  • Login to your Vella account
  • Tap Vella Card on your dashboard
  • Tap Create a new card and select Virtual Card
  • Select your preferred color, card type and brand
  • Enter your preferred card label i.e You can name your card based on its purpose e.g Netflix
  • Tap request card and fund your card (Min — 1000 Naira)
  • Choose wallet to fund from ( NGN/NGNT)
  • Tap Continue

Your virtual Naira card will be created instantly and you can use it to make payment for services on platforms that accept Verve.

Although you are reading this article because you are interested in creating a virtual Naira card for online payments, we also help businesses receive USD payment in Nigeria without any stress.

You can sign up on Vella or login to your existing account to create your virtual Naira card instantly.

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