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5 min readAug 3, 2022


As part of the on-going evolution of our company’s brand, we are excited to share with you our rebrand story, and our new products.

After months of planning and careful consideration, we decided to redesign our company logo to better reflect our values and personality as a brand and most importantly, symbolize our future.

Along with our refreshed logo, We have also introduced our new website which has a modern and professional interface.

Our new website features fresh and exciting contents which include updates on our latest and existing products and services, product-centric blog posts, insightful articles centered on business growth and testimonials from satisfied customers. The new website is easier to navigate and user-friendly.

Old Website

New Website

Our goal with the new website is to make learning about our products and services seamless, increase our brand appeal and provide a better user experience.

Our journey so far…..

Founded in November 2021, Vella is a digital payment platform that provides alternative payment solutions for individuals and businesses in Africa. Vella offers individuals and businesses a robust range of financial products and services that enhance payment experience, accelerate business growth and boost earnings.

Over the past eight months, our company, Vella, has evolved and experienced tremendous growth since its release in beta.

With over two billion naira in transactional volume, 15,000+ users and an array of financial services designed to enhance payment experience, We are proud to say that Vella has focused and still focuses on the vision on which it was built — To bridge cross border payments for individuals and businesses in Africa.

Since its release in Beta, Vella has been able to;

  • Equip small businesses in Africa with financial tools that accelerate business growth.
  • Simplify online payment on international sites with our virtual dollar card.
  • Provide a seamless bill payment service for our users.
  • Enable users to swap currencies in minutes.
  • Protect users from inflation by enabling them to save their naira in dollars.

What’s New?

  • Vella 2.0

Still, in the spirit of rebranding, we have also upgraded our mobile applications and integrated new features to improve user experience.

The latest version of our App is a total upgrade from the previous version as it boasts of a better user interface, improved graphics performance and a range of new and exciting features for businesses.

Our newly integrated features enable businesses to;

  • Pay local and international suppliers in over 80 countries using the “Global Wire Transfer” feature.
  • Create Virtual (Naira & Dollar) Cards for online payments.
  • Generate payment links to request payment from customers globally.
  • Apply for loans and overdrafts.
  • Create Virtual accounts.

The newly integrated features on Vella 2.0 focuses on providing simple payment solutions for SMEs and large business enterprises in Africa.

  • VellaPay

Sending and receiving money just got a whole lot better! VellaPay is a service designed to make online payments simple, fast and secure.

A common problem faced by small businesses in Africa is the absence of a reliable payment gateway provider and this is what VellaPay aims to solve. Through VellaPay, small businesses in Africa are able to receive payment from customers globally using our secure hybrid payment gateway.

VellaPay seeks to improve the purchase experience for customers by providing familiar and simplified payment methods that are secure and convenient.

Payment links to receive money, in fiat & crypto

With VellaPay, merchants can accept payment from customers through;

》 Payment Links

》Bank Transfer

》Fiat and Crypto

》Offline retail payment (POS)

》Stable coins.

Vella Credit

Designed to give entrepreneurs quick access to loans required to grow their small business, VellaCredit gives small businesses in Africa access to credit facilities required to fund short and long term business needs.

Through VellaCredit, small business owners have easy access to business loans and overdrafts from as low as ₦50,000 to ₦20,000,000.

A major benefit of using our VellaCredit service is that entrepreneurs do not have to worry about a lengthy loan application process and high interest rates as VellaCredit offers hassle-free access to loans and friendly interest rates.

However, there’s an eligibility requirement for VellaCredit. Continuous usage of VellaPay for your payments.

Vella Boost

Vella doesn’t just provide a payment solution for individuals and businesses in Africa, Vella also provides a secure means through which users can put their passive earnings to good use and earn up to 12% interest annually.

Vella Boost is a financial service that helps individuals and businesses in Africa grow their earnings. It’s particularly great for people who have savings but do not know how to grow their savings.

With Vella Boost, you can make smart financial decisions while having total control of your finances.

As a Fintech startup, our goals include expanding and diversifying our products and services to solve the regular payment challenges faced by individuals and businesses in Africa.

Our main goal is to keep providing an excellent level of service to our customers and to help businesses (Small, Medium and Large Scale enterprises) in Africa reach their maximum potential.

We are so delighted to share our rebranding story with you and we would like to use this opportunity to thank our partners, customers and businesses for sticking with us and for giving us an opportunity to serve you.

If you have any enquiries about our products and services, do not hesitate to reach out to us via our email address at hello@vella.finance or through any of our social media channels @Vellafinance.



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