Vella has all the features to support businesses, especially web3 companies: Gateway Co-founder, Oluwashina Peter Arowojobe

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2 min readSep 27, 2023

The honest reviews of customers cannot be downplayed in the world of business. Our monthly series, My Vella Story, focuses on showcasing our products and services through the mouths of everyday people (Individuals, business owners, creatives and freelancers) who use Vella in their day-to-day activities. This week, we had a quick chat with the Co-founder of Gateway, Oluwashina Peter Arowojobe, who uses Vella to receive payment and constantly refers us to friends and family. Enjoy!

Hello!!….Can you please tell us your name and what you do?

My name is Oluwashina Peter. I am the co-founder of Gateway. I lead Growth at Gateway

That sounds fun…Please tell us a bit about Gateway. What does Gateway do?

At Gateway we are building an onboarding & activation infrastructure for web3. Our first product is a gamified learning and product discovery platform for consumers to learn, onboard and discover web3 products. We have about 4000 users and are backed by NEAR Protocol. By Q2 2024, We will roll out an onboarding & activation API solution for web3 products to increase user retention, product activation and eventually drive revenue growth.

Hmmm, super cool. How would you describe your experience with Vella so far?

Great. Vella has all the features to support businesses, especially web3 companies. The customer support has been really superb especially during downtime.

We appreciate the special shout-out to our customer support team. What would you say is the most important transaction you have used Vella for?

Receiving payments from our customers and probably paying for company expenses like g suite etc

Cool. We have a ton of amazing features on Vella, so what would you say is your favorite feature on Vella?

The payment link is really cool. We sent a Vella payment link to our partners in Hong Kong and they really liked it.

Music to our ears. Our payment link is a seamless way to receive international payments. What Vella feature do you use regularly and why?

The Corporate virtual cards (Dollar & Naira) — To pay for company expenses

Oh, great! We hope you spread the word about Vella to your friends and family…

Yes, all the time.

On a final note, What unique feature does Vella Finance offer to businesses that sets it apart from other financial platforms?

Vella allows web3 products to integrate with them to collect payments. Paystack and Flutterwave won’t onboard you. There’s a massive opportunity there for Vella as long as the whole compliance issue with crypto is still there



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