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Relsify uses Vella To Receive Payment From Customers Who Buy Houses and Pay For Short Lets — Andy Umana, Ceo Relsify

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2 min readJul 26, 2023

The honest reviews of customers cannot be downplayed in the world of business. Our monthly series, My Vella Story, focuses on showcasing our products and services through the mouths of everyday people (Individuals, business owners, creatives and freelancers) who use Vella in their day-to-day activities.

This month, we had a quick chat with the CEO of Relsify, Andy Umana, who reveals his favourite feature on Vella and how he uses Vella to receive payment from customers who purchase houses via Relsify.


Hello!!….Please tell us your name and what you do

My name is Andy Umana, Odogwu and CEO of Relsify.

Nice to meet you Andy. Can you tell us about Relsify in a few words?

Relsify is a real estate organization platform leveraging the blockchain to buy and sell properties in fractions and bits. Any way you want to buy, we can sell properties to you.

Sounds amazing! How has your experience with Vella been so far?

It has been great using Vella to run my business.

We are happy to hear this. So what would you say is the most important transaction you have used Vella for ?

I’ve used Vella to receive payment from my customers that buy houses and pay for shortlet with Relsify. One time my younger brother was stuck in Turkey because his passport had less than six months to expire. It was only on the Vella platform I was able to send money to him for upkeep while we tried to sort him out.

So, would you say “Global Pay” is your favorite feature on Vella?

Hmmm, I would say my favorite feature on Vella is Dompay

Sounds good. Since Vella has become your preferred payment platform, we hope your referral game has been strong

I have referred countless people, in fact, I can pass as number 1 ambassador of Vella finance.

Osheyy!!…To round up, what unique feature does Vella finance offer to businesses that sets it apart from other financial platforms?

The interest rate Vella gives users at the end of the month is one of the most important features on the platform.

Remember, the more money you have in your wallet, the more interest you get. Thank you for taking time out to speak with us today! We hope you enjoyed the conversation like we did.

Yes I did and You are welcome.

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