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Move Money Freely with Vella

If you have ever sent money abroad or needed to quickly make payment for goods to your supplier based in another continent, then you can attest to the fact that international money transfer can be time-consuming and expensive.

Security issues, high exchange rates and slow payout are among the many challenges associated with sending money globally via conventional bank institutions and that is why many individuals and businesses tend to tilt towards online payment platforms when it comes to sending money to other parts of the world because they are fast, convenient and void of a cumbersome process.

Send and Receive Money on Vella.

Vella provides alternative payment options that enable individuals and businesses in Africa to send and receive money globally without any hassle. Through Vella, sending money to friends, family, clients or business partners is swift, cost-effective and very simple. Our Global Pay service is designed for businesses to make payments to local and international countries (UK, USA, Angola, Greece, Canada etc.) across the world using fiat or crypto-currency.

Aside from making international money transfer sweet and seamless, Vella also provides a range of convenient and familiar options that help businesses and freelancers in Africa receive money from clients and customers locally and internationally. Using Vella, businesses can get paid via our hybrid payment gateway (fiat & cryptocurrency), invoices, payment links, API, widgets and plug-ins on ecommerce websites etc.

Vella makes sending money seamless as it ensures the process is secure and convenient for the sender and receiver. While international money transfers require the recipient’s domiciliary account details, local transfers on Vella are easier as the only thing required is the recipient’s Vella tag or crypto wallet address.

What is a Vella Tag?

Equivalent to an account number, a Vella tag is all you need to perform free transactions on Vella. With a Vella tag, you can send and receive fiat or crypto from a fellow Vella user for free.

You can also send other currencies using Vella’s multi-currency wallet system for free and these are but a few from a bunch of other freebies you will enjoy as a Vella user.

So, instead of asking for bank account details, the recipient can merely share their crypto wallet address or Vella tag and the sender can transfer money instantly.

Send Money Locally

You can send money locally to friends and family in fiat or crypto by following these simple steps;

  1. Log into your account.
  2. Tap View Wallet on your dashboard
  3. Click Send and select your preferred mode of sending.

- To send via Vella Tag

  • Enter Recipient’s Vella tag
  • Select wallet for sending
  • Enter amount
  • Input your 4 digit transaction pin
  • Press Confirm
  • The recipient’s wallet will be credited instantly.

- To send via Crypto

  • Select Wallet and network
  • Choose Beneficiary
  • Enter amount
  • Scan through transaction summary
  • Authorize transfer with your 4-digit pin

Send Money Internationally (Global Pay)

Our Global Pay service enables international money transfer to over 80 countries across the globe. To send money internationally, follow these simple steps;

  1. Log into your account.
  2. Select Global Pay on your dashboard
  3. Click New Payment
  4. Select Country, Purpose for sending and Wallet
  5. Enter the amount for sending and Click continue
  6. Enter Beneficiary Bank Details
  7. Enter Beneficiary’s Billing information
  8. Scan through Transaction summary
  9. Authorize payment by entering your transaction Pin
  10. Click Confirm

African and Non-African countries we currently operate in include;

United States of America
United Kingdom
South Africa

And over 60 more countries across the globe.

We weren’t exaggerating when we said we are a platform designed to make payment methods simplified for individuals and businesses in Africa.

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