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5 min readNov 3, 2022


Whether you are about to start a business or you are currently running one, registering your business with the Corporate Affairs Commission is very important.

Aside from the fact that the Nigerian government does not necessarily impose business registration on entrepreneurs, most Nigerian entrepreneurs tend to skip the registration of their business because it can be an expensive and time-consuming process while others are not fully aware of the benefits attached to registering their business.

The Corporate Affairs Commission is the body saddled with the responsibility of regulating and registering businesses in Nigeria. Although, registering a business in Nigeria can be stressful, it is highly beneficial particularly for new businesses.

Registering your business with the Corporate Affairs Commission enhances the reputation of your business, protects your trademark and gives your business a perception that makes it easy for people to trust and patronize your business.

Small, SMES and Large Businesses Can Now Register Their Business Seamlessly .

We understand that the process for registering a business in Nigeria is not only cumbersome but involves a lot of paperwork that makes the whole process tiring and that’s why we have created a fast and simple way for entrepreneurs in Nigeria to register their businesses and get a certified business certificate without leaving their homes and places of business.

Our newly launched service, Launch by Vella, will help new and existing entrepreneurs register their business entities with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) easily. Through Launch by Vella, business owners are able to register their businesses and get their business certificate within 5 working days and at a discounted price without leaving their homes and places of business.

A plus to registering your business entity through Launch is that Vella Finance will also equip entrepreneurs who register their business via Launch with an array of amazing benefits and tools that will help them launch their business smoothly and prepare them for the entrepreneurial journey ahead.

Benefits of Registering Your Business Using Launch by Vella

  1. A Free Business Bank Account: Every new and existing business needs a business bank account for its finances. A business bank account is a separate bank account from your personal account that helps you receive, track and manage your finances easily. Business bank accounts also lend your business credibility and show professionalism to potential customers. Businesses who register their business through Launch automatically get a free business bank account that can be used to run their business operations effectively.
  2. Access To Business Loans: A major benefit of getting a certificate of business registration is that it gives your business easy access to credit facilities from governmental and non-governmental bodies. It is also important to note that financial institutions and credible money lenders will always demand a certificate of business registration before handing out loans to small or large corporate entities. Registering your business via Launch gives you easy access to business loans to help fund and grow your business.
  3. Invoices and Payment Links: Whether you have an online business or a brick and mortar store, Our invoices and payment links are a quick and professional means of accepting payment from your customers. New and existing entrepreneurs who register their business entity through Launch by Vella get access to using our invoice service that allows entrepreneurs generate an unlimited amount of professional invoices for free and our payment links that offers multiple payment options to your customers based in any part of the world.
  4. Free Ecommerce Store: An online store can open your business to a world of opportunities and that is why Vella will be offering entrepreneurs who register their business via Launch free ecommerce stores to better promote their goods and services. With an online store, you can promote your goods and services effectively, reach new customers, market your products and engage with customers. Registering your business using Launch by Vella gives you an ecommerce store at no cost.
  5. Customer Manager: Keeping records of your customers is no small feat especially if your business has a large customer base. Entrepreneurs who register their business entity via Launch automatically get a reliable system through which they can store and have access to their customer data on their mobile. Through this, entrepreneurs can say goodbye to manual data storing of customer information and move about with their office in their hands.
  6. Tailored Training: Starting and managing a business can be hectic and time-consuming which leaves no room for personal and entrepreneurial growth and that is why we have included a tailored training package as a freebie for entrepreneurs who register their businesses through Launch by Vella. The tailored training package will include tips and guides on business growth and effective marketing strategies in the form of webinars, twitter spaces etc., specially organized for business owners. Through the tailored training, businesses will be able to have access to business hacks that can be implemented for business growth.

How To Register Your Business Using Launch by Vella

To register your business with CAC via Launch by Vella, please follow these simple steps;

  1. Log onto our website and tap Get Started
  2. Enter your email address
  3. Input the OTP sent to your email address.
  4. Once the OTP has been verified, proceed by clicking New Registration
  5. Enter your business information
  6. Input main proprietor’s information. You can also add other proprietors if necessary.
  7. Upload required documents — Passport Photograph, ID card and Signature
  8. Review Documents and tick the certification box
  9. Complete registration by making payment via any of the payment options displayed on your screen. You can make payment for your certificate via Bank Transfer, Crypto, Debit card and Vella.

Once payment is successful, you will receive a confirmation email stating that your application has been received. Your CAC certificate will be delivered to you within 5 working days.

We are committed to providing simple ways for businesses in Nigeria to start, grow and scale business heights. Through Launch by Vella, entrepreneurs do not have to worry about visiting the CAC office, hiring lawyers or waiting indefinitely for their business certificate. All they have to do is log onto our website and register their business with CAC conveniently and at a reduced cost.

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