Introducing The Launch Campus Ambassador Program

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3 min readSep 20, 2023


Are you a young, outspoken Nigerian student interested in building a career in Tech? Do you think you have what it takes to be the voice and face of Launch on your campus? If your answer is in the affirmative then the Launch Campus Ambassador Program is for you.

We are currently seeking talents in campuses across Nigeria who will be proud representatives of Launch and work closely with us in creating awareness and promoting Launch’s services within their respective campuses.

First, what is Launch?

Launch is a business registration product designed by Nigerian fintech company, Vella Finance, that aims to provide MSMEs in Nigeria with essential tools required to start, grow and scale their business. Since launched in November 2022, we have helped a plethora of business owners in Nigeria to register their corporate entities with the Corporate Affairs Commission for N18,000 and N50,000 (LTD). Coupled with helping businesses get registered, Launch also equips these business owners with tools and resources that support business growth seamlessly. These tools include;

  • A business bank account
  • An ecommerce store
  • Access to a seamless customer management system.
  • Unlimited access to our Invoice and Payment Link products.
  • Tailored training for business growth via Webinars, Twitter spaces etc.
  • Access to credit facilities i.e Loans and Overdrafts

The Launch Campus Ambassador Program

We understand that while being a student can be demanding, you might also be seeking new opportunities outside of the classroom to explore possible career options, gain useful skills and earn money. Our new initiative, The Launch Campus Ambassador Program, ticks all three boxes as it will offer an exciting and rewarding experience for you as a student. The Launch Campus Ambassador Program is set to provide you with a golden opportunity to develop transferable soft skills, receive hands-on experience in marketing and earn extra money on the side.

What are my responsibilities as a Launch Campus Ambassador?

As a Launch Campus ambassador, you will;

  • Become the primary point of contact between Launch and your campus community
  • Spread awareness about Launch within your campus in an authentic and meaningful way via word of mouth and social media posts.
  • Educate the student community about Launch and its benefits.
  • Promote Launch online and offline during social gatherings/events within campus.
  • Identify fresh and creative ways to integrate Launch into the student life on Campus.

What are the Requirements to become a launch campus ambassador?

Applicants must;

  1. Be enrolled at a tertiary institution in Nigeria e.g University, Polytechnic etc.
  2. Possess good leadership skills and be open to learning
  3. Be outspoken and have an interest in product marketing.
  4. Be enthusiastic about teamwork and collaboration.

What You Stand To Gain As a Launch Campus Ambassador

  1. Financial incentive.
  2. A Launch branded merch
  3. Internship opportunities at Vella
  4. Opportunity to gain relevant skills for today’s workforce.

How You Can Apply

Interested in becoming a Launch campus ambassador? Please fill the application form Here and we would be in touch with you.

For further enquiries and information about the program, please send us an email-



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