How To Receive USD Payment easily in Nigeria

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A major way through which modern day businesses expand their operations is by taking their product to the international market. Although having an international customer base is great for business, most business owners in Nigeria struggle with receiving USD payments from foreign customers.

There are many factors to consider when taking your business global. Factors like economic and political landscape, laws and regulations etc. However, an important factor to put into consideration is PAYMENT as having a payment solution that allows your business to receive payment in US Dollars seamlessly is essential for business growth.

Start receiving USD Payments From Your Foreign Customers Seamlessly

As always, simplifying payment for businesses in Nigeria remains our top priority and that is why we are very delighted to announce the launch of our new Pay With Card feature.

The “Pay with Card” feature on our checkout enables your foreign customers based in the United Kingdom, Canada and United States to make payment for your products or services in USD, GBP & Euro using their international debit card easily.

Simply put, your Canadian based customer can complete purchase for your product with their international debit card after which the money reflects in your Vella issued USD wallet automatically.

Alongside other payment methods (Pay with Vella, Bank Transfer & Crypto) listed on our checkout, The new “pay with card” option aims to simplify and enhance the payment experience for your foreign customer or client as all that is required to complete payment is a valid international debit card.

Receive USD in Nigeria using Payment Link

Whether you have an online store or a physical store, you can receive USD payment from your international customers using a payment link.

Generating a payment link for your foreign based customer to complete the purchase is very simple. All you have to do is;

  • Log into your Vella account
  • Select Payment link on your dashboard
  • Tap Create Link
  • Enter the title and description of the purchase
  • Select USDT or USDC as the acceptable currency
  • Enter amount
  • Tap Create

The paying customer receives the payment link and completes payment by selecting “International” and then “Pay with Card” as the preferred payment option.

Once the payment is successful, the money automatically reflects in your Vella USD wallet and you can withdraw the money directly into your bank account by using our “Swap” and “Withdraw” features.

It’s simple!

Giving your customers a seamless payment experience during purchase is the right way to do business. To start receiving USD payment from international customers using payment links, Download Vella on your mobile device and sign up for FREE.

For further enquiries on our products and services, please send us an email or reach out to us via any of our social media channels @VellaFinance



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