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How To Pay For Apple Music in Nigeria

Everyone loves streaming the latest songs and that’s why Apple Music is unarguably one of the best online music streaming platforms with millions of users in Nigeria.

Apple Music is an online music streaming platform owned by Apple Inc.that enables users to stream the latest songs, download their favorite tracks, listen to existing playlists and have access to a bunch of other exciting features.

Although Apple Music gives its users access to stream millions of songs on the platform, it is subscription based and users are expected to select their preferred music plan and renew their subscription easily by making the stipulated amount monthly.

Today, many Nigerians still struggle with renewing their Apple Music subscriptions because most debit cards issued by commercial banks do not work and users who resort to paying via virtual dollar/naira cards issued by some fintech platforms encounter issues during payment.

Last year, we upgraded our virtual dollar/naira card service and particularly paid attention to the issues previously encountered in the past by our users. Now, our virtual dollar/naira cards are a reliable means of making payment on your favorite online stores, music and movies streaming platforms etc.

Add Vella Mastercard To Your Apple Account

An Apple ID and a valid payment method are required to purchase games & apps from the Apple store, subscribe to Apple online services like Apple Music, iCloud+ and buy other forms of media Apple offers.

Adding a valid and reliable payment method like Vella Mastercard is all you need to make in-app purchases on Apple and renew subscriptions seamlessly.

To add Vella Mastercard as a payment method on your Apple account, the first step is to change your location to the US as all our virtual dollar cards are registered to the United States of America.

To change your location and add Vella Mastercard as a payment method;

  1. Visit and sign into your account.
  2. Tap “Personal information”
  3. Click “Country/Region”
  4. Tap “Change country/Region” and change your Country/Region to the United States of America.
  5. Click on Payment methods
  6. Add your Vella Mastercard as a payment method


Now you can make in-app purchases on Apple Store, pay for Apple music and all other forms of Apple media from the comfort of your home or office.

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