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2 min readMay 3, 2023


How To Manage Your Customer Information Easily As a Business owner.

Customers are the engine of any business and with a continuous increase in customers, the lifespan and growth of any business, whether small, medium or large, is guaranteed.

As a modern day business owner, having a seamless central system that enables you to keep a record of every customer who makes a purchase in your business is a great way to set your business up for success and provide exceptional customer service.

Although keeping a record of every customer who makes a purchase from your business might seem overwhelming especially if you deal with a large customer base, it’s important to note however that even the most basic information of your customers can be very useful in communicating directly with customers and improving your marketing efforts.

Aside from helping business owners in Africa send and receive money across the globe, we also have amazing features designed to ease business operations for entrepreneurs and also make it easy for business owners to manage their business operations on one platform seamlessly.

An exciting feature on our platform "Customer" gives business owners a simple and seamless system through which they can record and store basic information and contact details of their local and international customers. Using Vella’s Customer feature, thousands of business owners are able to keep records, access customer information and also see the transaction history of each customer.

Here’s how it works;

With Vella's Customer feature, you can record and access information of your customers easily via web or your mobile device.

All you have to do is log into your Vella account and tap Customers on your dashboard

To add a new customer, simply tap Add customer, enter the details of the customer and click Save

To view information and payment history of a customer, you can simply tap on the customer’s name.

Now, you can do business easily and keep and update records of your customers on your mobile device without any hassle.

To start keeping records of your customers, Kindly signup or login to your account.

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