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How To Create A Corporate USD Card For Your Business

With the restrictions placed on international transactions using local debit cards, having a corporate USD card for business expenses is paramount particularly if your dealings involve foreign currencies on a regular basis.

A corporate USD card is a non-physical dollar denominated card that enables you to carry out online transactions and sort business expenses easily. With a corporate USD card, you can purchase goods from international online stores and pay/renew your online subscriptions.

There is no doubt that modern day businesses rely on digital tools like software applications and social media platforms to build, advertise and manage their business operations and the majority of these digital tools run a subscription based model that charges users a weekly or monthly fee in order to gain access to their service(s). And that is why having a Vella corporate USD card is a great addition to your business.

Issued by Mastercard, Vella Corporate USD card is a reliable payment tool for online transactions. Using a Vella corporate USD card, business owners are able to make secure payments on platforms like GoDaddy, Slack, Linkedin Premium, Mailjet, AliExpress, Hosting Platforms, Wise, Coursera, Namecheap and a bunch of other platforms.

This simply means, if you need to renew your Facebook ad subscription or pay for a course on Udemy, Vella corporate USD card is a convenient way to make the payment seamlessly from the comfort of your home or place of business.

The Cool Features of A Vella Corporate USD MasterCard

  • Accessibility: You can access and use your Corporate USD mastercard for online transactions at any time of the day.
    Card Customization: You can customize your Vella USD mastercard by choosing your preferred color and giving your card a name that suits its purpose.
  • No Transaction Limit: Unlike the commercial virtual dollar cards issued by banks, Vella corporate USD mastercards have no limit on transactions.
  • Card Withdrawal: You can withdraw from your corporate USD card at any time of the day. However, you must have a minimum of $5 on your card before you can initiate a withdrawal.
  • Multiple Cards: You can create multiple corporate USD cards for different business purposes.
  • Freeze Your Card: If you suspect an unauthorized transaction on your card, you can freeze your card and render it ineffective until you are ready to unfreeze it.
  • Cost-effective and secure: Creating a corporate USD card costs $2 and the sensitive details (Card number, CVV & Expiry date) on your card are secure.

Create Your Corporate USD Mastercard in 5 minutes

You can create a corporate USD Mastercard in 5 minutes on Vella to start making payments on international platforms easily.

To begin;

  • Log into your Vella account
  • On your dashboard, tap Vella Card
  • Tap Create New card and select Virtual Card
  • Select your preferred card color
  • Select the card type, brand and preferred label.
  • Tap Request Card and read the vital information
  • Enter the amount you would like to fund
  • Choose Wallet to fund your card from and
  • tap Continue

Your corporate USD card will be created and you will receive an email confirming the creation of your corporate USD card.

It’s very simple!

Now, you can own a corporate USD Mastercard and make secure payments on international platforms easily.

All you have to do is sign up or login to your account to create yours today!

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