4 Tips For Small Businesses To Increase Holiday Sales

what make the holiday season the most anticipated season of the year?

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3 min readDec 6, 2023

The holidays are a special season — the food, the aesthetically pleasing decorations, exchange of gifts and the opportunity to spend quality time with family and friends are what make the holiday season the most anticipated season of the year. For many businesses, finding new ways to increase holiday sales is a priority as a study shows that 50% of small businesses get more than 25 percent of their annual sales in the holiday season. This goes to prove that the holiday season is a promising period for businesses that choose to stay in operation.

So, whether you run an online store or a physical store, mapping out plans and strategies to increase holiday sales is key to growing your business and entering the new year with a bang! As we all know, the holiday season is when people spend more money than usual and while many businesses might not create special holiday strategies to increase sales, you can start by implementing the simple and practical tips to increase holiday sales that we will be highlighting in today’s post.

Here are a few ways you can increase sales and boost your revenue during the holidays;

  1. Offer Special Holiday Promotions: A simple approach to increase your holiday sales is by giving your new and loyal customers special holiday offerings. During Christmas, people tend to spend more and purchase a long list of items, one way you can show love to customers, increase your brand appeal and boost revenue is by showering your customers with holiday offers such as time-limited discounts, exclusive offers, christmas-themed bundle packages and if you operate a physical store, you can offer a free gift-wrapping for every purchase.
  2. Send Personalized Holiday Emails: A great and cost-effective way to not only increase sales but also stay top of mind of your customers during the holiday season is by sending well-crafted, personalized holiday emails. During the holiday, people tend to engage in impulse buying. You can increase your sales by sending targeted holiday-themed content to wish your customers a happy holiday, give product information and inform them of special holiday discounts and offers that will nudge them to make a purchase.
  3. Prioritize customer service: With an influx of orders comes enquiries, complaints and feedback. The importance of good customer service during the holiday season cannot be downplayed and this is why having a reliable and efficient customer support team that responds to customers in a timely and professional manner is vital to increasing your holiday sales and maintaining a good relationship with your customers.
  4. Maximize Social Media Marketing: Another approach to increasing your holiday sales is capitalizing social media marketing. If you want buzz around your business all through the holiday season, a well-planned social media marketing strategy can help you do just that. While many businesses might not create any special marketing strategy to increase holiday sales, you can take advantage of the marketing features embedded in social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. With a strong marketing campaign and beautiful holiday-themed content across social media platforms, you can increase your holiday sales and keep your audience engaged.

The holiday season is a great time for you to boost your sales and you can do this by implementing all or some of our highlighted tips. While we provide a variety of business growth tips, we also make it easy for businesses to receive online payments without owning a website

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